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Do you snack in the evenings?


You’ve finished dinner and you are watching TV or you are on your computer. Suddenly you get this urge to go to the kitchen and look for something. You look in every cupboard and think: “mmh what I am in the mood for?”. Then you remember this yummy snack that accidently slipped into your shopping cart last time you went grocery shopping and you thank yourself for ditching all healthy eating regimes and you grab the snack without thinking twice. You curl up on the couch and you enjoy the snack to its fullest!

Does this sound familiar?

It does to me.

I used to do this every evening!

At some point I started thinking that my body needed this snack fix. I got so used to it.

Until I met my partner…

He never snacked in the evening. When I went to the cupboard in the search of something sweet and asked him if he wanted something, he would reply with this weird answer that he was not hungry or something! Completely irrelevant! You can read more about “What I have learnt by living with a skinny person” here.

Eventually I felt more and more ashamed of my need to snack when he was not that I tried to stop. When my urge came I would try to distract myself and do something else. I also know that if I snack too late then I will have trouble sleeping, so I set myself a deadline. Snack before 9pm or not at all. By distracting myself enough until 9pm and only then realising how late it was, that really worked. At some point I just didn’t think about it or want a snack.

If you snack in the evenings, try to find out what is missing for you. Why are you snacking? Do you need company? Then talk to your partner or reach out to a friend. Is something else bothering you for you to need to a snack?

Think about it! Those are just extra calories that your body certainly doesn’t need! And you feel so much better if you stop! All of a sudden you are hungry in the mornings for breakfast, which as they say is the healthiest meal of the day!! Read about that here.

For me it was clearly that I was lonely! After moving in with my partner, the need to snack slowly disappeared, by distracting myself long enough that my body eventually didn’t need or want it anymore.

What can you do to stop snacking? Share in the comments below!

PS: I found this article with tricks to help you stop snacking. Take a look!


5 secrets to healthy living and weight loss

Did you know that being overweight or living unhealthily increases your risk of many lifestyle related diseases, like autoimmune diseases, cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, depression, and obesity.

Did you know that there are things you can do that would really help you lose weight and hence decrease the risk of getting sick.

Here are 5 of them:

  1. Mindful eating.

Most of us eat too fast and do not really appreciate what we are eating. We often eat while doing something else like working on the computer or watching TV.

The pleasure in eating lies in slowing down! Chew your food and really taste it! Look at the food you’re eating, smell it and notice what you are thinking. Chew each bite at least 30 times and breathe! Turn off the phone, computer or TV. Really be present! Appreciate what you are nourishing your body with.

  1. hara hachi bu

This is a Japanese proverb that means “eat until you are 80% full”. This makes so much sense, as it takes the brain approximately 20 minutes to receive the signal from the stomach that it is full and it’s ok to stop eating. Most of us have lost our ability to listen to our bodies. It takes practice, but you can learn to listen to it again. Try to eat until you are 80% full. I promise you that your body does not need more!

  1. Drink more water

Did you know that your body is made up of between 60-75% water? It’s no surprise that how much you drink can affect your health. Too much water could result in mineral imbalances, while too little could cause dehydration, headaches, or fatigue.

Everywhere you read about water, there is a different recommendation for how much water to drink. Listen to your body and always have water with you! Start your day with water and keep drinking throughout the day. Drink less in the evenings to avoid toilet breaks during the night!

Find your own rhythm, but do drink more water!

  1. Distribute your food

Let’s say you need to eat about 100 units per day (don’t bother worrying about what a unit is or why we need 100, it is just an example). Think about distributing these units throughout the day.

If you used 30 on breakfast, 5 on a midmorning snack and then have a big lunch of 40 units, then you are only left with 25 units for afternoon snack and dinner. In other words, if you have a big lunch, then have a smaller dinner. If you want dessert then only have it once day. Don’t have it after lunch AND after dinner. Choose one and be happy about it. There is always tomorrow. It’s about finding a healthy balance.

  1. Limit your alcohol consumption

If you are going out and you want to drink alcohol, then be smart about it. Firstly, hydrate throughout the day so you don’t mess up your system too much in the evening. Then, eat lightly throughout the day, so you still have a few units to spare when drinking. Finally, choose your alcohol right. Wine has the fewest calories and you don’t need to drink too much before feeling it. Liquor is even better, but watch what you mix it with. Enjoy a gin without the tonic or rum without the coke. If you have to have beer, especially in football season, then have ONE! Enjoy it and then drink wine or liquor the rest of the evening.

I hope this makes sense. I promise you that if you follow these guidelines that you will feel better!

Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard! You need to be smart about it and take one step at a time! If you need more support or guidance, then book a free coaching session with me. Click here to book your session!

Please let me know if you have comments or questions.




What is it I do??

It has come to my attention that people don’t know what I do, so I will try to clarify in this blog post.

In short, I am a Health Coach and I help people live a more healthy life.

I work holistically and look at all areas of your life. We talk about your relationships, your career, your exercise routine and many other things. Living a healthy life is not only about eating right! You can eat as much broccoli as you want, but if you are not happy in your job or your relationship (or lack of), then you will never live a healthy and happy life!

A good food education comes first, as it is really important to nourish your body right! We are made up of lots of cells and other biological material and these cells need nourishment to survive and function properly. In other words, to live we need to eat! Not just eat, but eat the right things! 

Eating right, is pretty simple:

  • Eat less sugar, meat, dairy and processed foods and drink less caffeine, alcohol and sugary drinks (juices and sodas).
  • Eat more vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds and drink more water!

Simple right?

Not really. If it were that simple then we wouldn’t have an overweight/obesity epidemic!

Unfortunately bad habits and poor food education has made it really hard to live healthy and free of ailments and disease.

Luckily there are people like me 😉 who can set things straight. I can help you change your habits and I can give you the real facts on food!

The difficult part when it comes to food is that there is really no right or wrong. I want you to rethink everything you have learnt about healthy nutrition since your childhood and focus on how you feel instead. The most important thing is to listen to your body, not what the media (or even the government) tells you! You know your body better than anyone else!

We have forgotten how to listen to our bodies. Babies and children do it really well, but as adults we forget how. I am here to help you learn how to listen to your body again. What works and what doesn’t work! And remember, we are all different, so what works for one person doesn’t have to work for another. One persons food, can be another persons poison.


But food is not everything.

How is your work/life balance? Do you have time to have fun? Are your relationships draining you or energizing you? Do you live the life you want to live?

These are important questions and we discuss them during our sessions. We are less likely to overeat or binge or treat ourselves poorly when we are in a place of true happiness. We don’t need comfort food, if we are comforted by life. So we need to look at all areas of your life and how they affect you! When these areas are looked at and processed, then what we eat becomes secondary.

It’s all about treating yourself right, being kind to yourself and nourishing your body. This is the goal. No matter what your actual goal is, whether it is weight loss, increasing the quality of your sleep, increasing your energy, finding a good work/life balance or feeling better about your body and yourself.


So how does coaching work? We start with a FREE health discovery session. This is a 40 min session where we talk about your main health concerns and we find out how I can best help you.

If you decide that Health Coaching is right for you, then you sign up for my 3 months program. By signing up you will get a total of 6 biweekly 50 minutes sessions for 3 months. During these sessions we talk about your goals and how you will accomplish them. We talk about the issues that come up during the process and together we find out what works and what doesn’t work! I am your guide, I hold you accountable and I give you a space to focus on YOU and YOUR HEALTH!


I also offer Group Coaching. It is cheaper and you have the advantage of being with like-minded people who can support each other which leads to more success. Read more about the advantages, including date and time here


This is your journey to a better life!


Are you ready? Schedule your first session now! It’s free and there is no obligation. Email me with any questions you should have or book a session now

Want to know more about healthy living? Download my free mini ebook now. It contains great tips and tricks that have worked for me in my journey. Click here to get it. 



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