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Have you made your weekly exercise plan?


Strict Meal Plans and Exercise Routine? I say NO!

Everywhere I go I see adverts for meal plans and exercise programs with overwhelming promises, especially this time of year when the dreaded season of overindulgence begins. We are all conscious about the fact that we will be eating and drinking more than usual during this season and come January we have regrets and start looking for these adverts I am talking about.

Fitness centres have the fittest person on earth on their posters and personal trainers are showing off their abs and we think that if you train with them we can get the same killer abs. I used to think that if I only sign up for the gym, I would naturally lose weight! Has this happened to you? I never went to the gym, but just the notion of actually signing up and having the card in my wallet should be enough to lose weight and get the body I was dreaming of having… crazy right?

I see 90 day meal plans being sold everywhere with crazy promises of losing unwanted kilos if you stick to the regime!

The good news is that all these promises are probably true! If you actually do everything your personal trainer tells you to do, you will end up having the wanted abs and if you do follow the 90 day meal plan you will lose weight!

The bad news is that none of these things are sustainable. What happens after the 90 days? Are you able to sustain the healthy diet that was prescribed for you? Are you even able to last 90 days? What happens when you go on holiday and you can’t take your personal trainer with you? And also, who does everything your personal trainer tells you to do? His killer abs are hard work! And we normal living people don’t have the time or energy to maintain killer abs. Media has made us believe that we need to have killer abs and maintain them. Do you know that the abs we see in photographs don’t last? The minute the model gets off work and goes to get a few beers, the abs are gone and they have hanging flesh around the belly just as we do. They are toned for the photoshoot because they workout right before and with the right lighting and make up, they look amazing! But listen up folks, they aren’t real… well, they are real, but they don’t last.

See how she’s holding her breath?

Anyway, let me get back to all the promises the health and wellness world make. They may all be true and they may work, but ONLY if you actually put in the hard work! You have to show up to the gym and do the hard work. You have to keep eating healthy and you have to keep being good to yourself!

This sounds extremely hard, right?

Here is some more good news: it doesn’t have to be!

I believe that if we turn it around and look at it form a different angle it can be so much easier!

Here is what I mean; most people will go on a diet or a strict fitness routine in order to look a certain way so they can be happier with themselves. I say turn it around. I am really happy with myself and I love myself enough to want to treat myself right. I nourish my body with nutrients that serve me and I move my body because my body is made to move and it makes me feel great. I make sure to have enough me-time/alone-time so I can nourish my soul and recharge my batteries so I can be stronger when facing the world. I make sure I am in charge of my schedule and not the other way around. I only surround myself with people who inspire me and who give energy rather than drain it from me. I deserve to be treated right in all aspects of life and I deserve to live my best life!

How does that sound?

I find it makes so much more sense. I am much more willing to eat the right things, move the right way and take better care of myself when I know that I deserve it. I am worth it!

Don’t you? Are you worth it?

I think you are. And if you don’t know where to get started, then listen up. Let’s make a deal. This month my wish for you is to relax and enjoy yourself. Spend time with loved ones, eat, drink and most importantly have fun!

Come January when you are ready to finally tackle your biggest struggles you will reach out for support! You have done it alone too often and have come nowhere! NOW is the time when you will finally see some results!

I am openning up for new clients to help you in your health journey! You will receive constant guidance and support to start your healthy habits and to make next year YOUR year! We start with a discovery session where we will go through your main health concerns and discuss how we can best work together to reach your ultimate health goals. As a Christmas gift you can have this session for free! 

Do yourself a favour and don’t buy in to all these promises that you know you won’t uphold and do something great for yourself!

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Whatever works for you, just do it! If strict meal plans works, then do it. If having a personal trainer works, then do it! There is no one right way! As long as you love yourself enough to treat yourself right, all is good!


From the bottom of my heart I wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Health Expert Series 4

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Health Series!

This month we are going to hear from MY VERY OWN BOXERCISE INSTRUCTOR Marie! She has quite similar views on health to mine, so I was very excited to read her answers! I hope you will be too.

Here we go:


Name, age, occupation: Marie Zena Barton, 36, Head Coach at HIITme Health & Fitness

What does health mean to you?

It may sound a bit silly but to me personally it’s about feeling alive and functioning physically and mentally with good energy. I want to wake up feeling good in the morning not tired and just getting up and going through the motions. I want to wake up with purpose and feel motivated.

For me if I am feeling like this most of the time then my health is in pretty good form. As a Group fitness coach & PT trainer I want and need to have good health and energy. I think there is nothing worse as a client to turn up to a class or PT session where the instructor has no energy or enthusiasm about them.

How do you achieve this level of healthy?

It’s not always easy we all live increasingly busy stressful lives. For it to work for me I need to plan organise and execute!:o). I find it easier if I make a plan and stick to it, which is easier said than done, but when you do that, it works and it is then my routine. I always work better at everything if I make it part of my daily/weekly routine

Why is it important to be and live healthily?

Wow that’s a big question………. it’s so important for so many different reasons!:o)……. I don’t think a lot of people really know what good health means or how much it affects everything in your life when you are not feeling on good form and in good health.

A lot of people think that if they are not ill then that must mean that they are healthy, well no I don’t think so……. bear with me here I don’t mean to sound patronising, I just think that so many people are running on autopilot trying to get through the day and get all the tasks done that need to be done and never putting themselves and their health at the top of that to do list. It is my personal opinion and experience if you improve your health through exercise and good nutrition it massively impacts your life in so many more good ways than you expected.

Imagine doing everything that you need to get done with a lot more energy, enthusiasm and happiness, wouldn’t it be so much easier and enjoyable? That’s why I think living and being healthy is so important, it makes such a difference to how you feel.

Why are you an expert?

hhhhmm “expert” another big word that can mean many different things to people:o) Can I change that question to What makes you good at your Job?

Well once you get past being qualified of course then it’s about the fact I really like my job and I want people to really feel the benefits of exercise. I like to keep up to date with what is going on in the health and fitness world. I think it is a very interesting time, slowly more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of exercise for more than just the purpose to loose weight which is an important factor. I love to see the change and progress in people and see how much better they feel about themselves.

What is your top health tip?

Exercise of course!:o) There is more to health than just exercise but I think it such an important part as that is often one of the first steps that people take in their aim to improve their health and that first step is the most important…..

…. But don’t just find any exercise, find an exercise that you genuinely like. There is no use taking up running just because you want to improve your health and fitness if you hate running…….we all know how that’s going to end. Don’t be afraid to try some different exercises before you find what you really like….. and find an exercise in a group format, it is more fun and makes you much more likely to stick with it if you are accountable to other people too:o)


So? What do you think?

Do you agree with her definition of “being healthy?”. I certainly do 🙂 I too want to wake up with purpose and feel motivated.

Can you find that exercise routine that you will stick to? Is group fitness classes your thing? Or do you prefer going to the gym or for a run? Maybe a personal trainer is what you need?

Tell us in the comments below!

Get in touch with Marie here and visit her website here. She can also be found on Facebook; JessBoxing, Bootcamp and Kettlercise – all group fitness classes you MUST try!

ACTUALLY, all her classes start THIS WEEK and you can try out a class for FREE! I really urge you to try one of them, they are GREAT!! Just EMAIL Marie now! 😉