The 3 biggest weight loss myths

Love it! So true! Please read!

Finally, sunshine! At last, flower blossoms (yes, I know, Brussels is totally behind!). And now, longer days. Spring is definitely in the air at and off come the thick layers of clothing that kept us warm the last few months and out come the sunglasses! Doesn’t it feel amazing? The energy, the promise of something more, the lightness of it all? I find myself smiling a lot these days, just out of sheer joy and happiness.

Yet at the same time with the warmer weather and longer days, here comes the reminder that the New Year’s resolutions are still unmet and there is now less and less time to be in shape for the summer!

Before you dive head over heels into the next diet or detox (which is still a diet even though it is a more fashionable term!), let me bust the 3 biggest weight loss myths for…

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