Winter Herbal Remedies


This month, Ana Gross from Ana Healing Herbs, shares with us some Herbal Winter Goodies, to improve the immune system this winter and keep the sniffles at bay…


Ana’s Immune Musts

Before we get to the recipes, herbs or supplements, below is a short discussion about fundamentals for good immune health. Without these, even the best herbs and supplements would not be able to reach their full potential. Since immunity does not happen overnight, it’s a good idea to prepare.

In my view some of these fundamentals are the following:

  1. Good Sleep: sounds like a no-brainer, but really worth the mention. Ideally, we should aim for getting at least 8 hours a sleep every night (kids need more). Includes good sleep hygiene (such as having a night ritual, like we do for our kids – like winding down, limiting screen time, etc. It can include a warm bath, calming tea…

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